Farbabgleich durch verschiedene Zusammensetzungen von Lichtfarben

Abb. 1


Every object appears in the color of those wavelength that it reflects the strongest. The human eye is barely able to perceive small differences of same colors. They can occur due to different color compositions (fig. 1). Our ColorMatching systems can simulate all daylight situations. The color control optics (CCO) are controlled by digital signals and the optimal assessment light is set.

Verschiedene Lichtfarben ermöglichen einen Farbabgleich

Abb. 2

The main reflected wavelengths in light waves that are used for lighting are reduced depending on the assessment share. This causes color differences that are otherwise covered over to become well visible. Consequence: Color errors and color differences between different workpieces or materials become clearly visible (fig. 2).

Our OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH – surface controls matching cabin permits assessment of parts in different sizes up to complex assembly parts. The variably adjustable lamps permit presentation of different lighting situations. Thus, the matching cabin can be used for matching of many parts, materials and different surfaces and, due to its size, also for presentation of the results.

Dr. Annett Schramm, polymer labs, surface technology; Dirk Wegener, group quality assurance, central lab, surface technology and color metrics, VW Wolfsburg