The name OLIGO has become a synonym for modern lighting technology rendering our lives more comfortable, our buildings more personal and production processes more efficient. OLIGO is a group comprising three German companies – OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH in Sankt Augustin, RSL Lichttechnik GmbH in Sankt Augustin and OLIGO surface controls in Lenzen.

Our companies are bound by our passion for light as a physical phenomenon. We use our unique know-how to develop innovative lighting solutions for a variety of applications: light for home and office environments, light as a phantastic architectural solution and light as a tool for inspecting and optimizing products.


Oberflächenkontrolle und Farbabmusterungen mit Optiken von OLIGO surface controls

As a specialist for innovative lighting technology OLIGO surface controls develop visual and digital inspection systems for scientifically precise color-matching and surface control measurements. These systems allow durable and repetitious accuracy, hence quality management, leading to a noticeable increase in quality standards within the production process. Thousands of our systems in use throughout the world are the best proof of our role as a leading international supplier of optical quality control systems.

Farbabmusterung an Oberflächen jeglicher Art


Measuring and inspection applications made by OLIGO surface controls help to discover deviations in quality at an early stage, thus minimizing the follow-up costs and ensuring market penetration.

Our products and systems are a result of a thorough scientific research and make a real impact on industrial production and refining processes by detecting at an early stage deviations and faults not perceptible by human eye. Thus, manufacturers can respond quickly, minimize costly material wastage and ensure continuously high quality standards.

Referenzkunden in der Industrie


Our high-tech products and system solutions are developed and manufactured in our plants strictly according to your requirements and in small quantities at our site in Lenzen in Germany.

Amongst our customers are the blue chip companies from automobile, polymer, steel, furniture, ceramics and paper industry. Being a manufacturer of quality control components, imposing and meeting quality standards is an integral part of our corporate culture.

The quality management system of OLIGO surface controls complies with DIN EN ISO 9001 standards. Our products are ENEC-certified by the German technical inspection agency TÜV Rheinland. Furthermore, our products comply with the US and Canadian standards and have the ETL-certificate.

Oberflächenkontrolle zur Qualitätsicherung mit Optiken von surface controls


All you need is the correct lighting technology to make visible defaults in shape, structure and consistency of product surfaces. Our devices capable of detecting even the most inconspicuous faults are available in a range of models for various surfaces and properties – for polymers, tin, aluminium, painted surfaces, glass or film, mat or high-gloss.

Thus, a perfect lighting technology combined with intelligent control systems contributes to optimizing production quality.


Einzel- und Systemleuchten von OLIGO

OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH is one of the most innovative German companies in the lighting industry. 100 employees manufacture individual luminaires and a wide range of system luminaires. OLIGO lighting solutions are not only distinguished by modern efficiency but also by supreme lighting quality.

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Weniger ist mehr bestimmt unseren Designanspruch


OLIGO is derived from the Greek word „oligós” meaning “few/some”. This is the leitmotif characterizing our design language of reducing form to its quintessence. Our intention is to form a unity of design and light in an interplay of ease: a brilliant experience or pure clarity, a bright joy or optical magic.

This focus on the quintessence leads to subtle, compact luminaires with impressive lighting properties and has been our trademark ever since. Exigent design and numerous international awards are the best seal of quality for every OLIGO luminaire.

effiziente LED-Technologie und integrieren Funktionen


Lighting solutions are particularly convincing when intelligently designed. OLIGO luminaires are not only delicate but also sophisticated. We bank on efficient LED technology and integrate functions allowing a comfortable and flexible use of light and luminaire.

Our products surprise time and again by their form and functionality. On each OLIGO luminaire you will discover sophisticated details allowing you to operate them without any technical intermediaries. Apart from the supreme manufacturing quality, it is precisely this sophisticated functionality down to every single detail that offers a lasting sensation of quality and usability to our customers.

Licht integriert in die Gebäudeautomation


LEDs have revolutionized lighting technology and offer sustainable, energy-efficient lighting solutions. Due to their semi-conductor technology LEDs are compatible with the state of the art internet-based communication and control features like no other lighting technology.

The possibilities of connecting and embedding LEDs into automated building solutions offer countless opportunities for lighting design scenarios. Being well aware of the fact that we are still at the very beginning of this revolutionary development, we are expectantly looking forward to designing intelligent and creative lighting solutions for years and decades to come.


Exakt nach den Wünschen angefertigte Sonderleuchten

Under the brand-name RSL we develop and manufacture customized luminaires which are planned, designed and produced according to designers’ and architects’ specific requirements. For more than half a century RSL has been implementing designers’ and architects’ trend-setting ideas regarding interior and exterior luminaires in a unique way. The result are matchless and authentic lighting instruments and luminaires with an iconic character for individualistic lighting concepts.

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Maßgefertigte Sonderleuchten von RSL


There is a solution for each and every architectural and functional challenge. Therefore, our task is to support designers and architects on an individual basis and accompany them through all stages – from the first draft to planning, design and construction all the way to implementation and placing into operation.

Wir fertigen Leuchten nach den Vorgaben unsrere Kunden


Extravagantly designed luminaires are an architectural highlight or an eye-catcher in public space. Unparalleled craftsmanship, challenging material combination and constructive spirit of innovation are the key ingredients for transforming a phantastic idea into a real luminaire and a unique object of lighting technology.

Entwicklung und Produktion in Deutschland


Every single component required to manufacture a customized luminaire is tool-made or hand-made at our plant in Sankt Augustin. Thus, a designer can rely on efficient real-time communication and utmost flexibility, particularly important given the tight deadlines on building sites.