You still have an OLIGO surface controls light tunnel with fluorescent tubes in your production halls and would like to upgrade your system to the latest LED technology without replacing the entire light tunnel system?

We have exactly the right solution for this.

As an alternative to fluorescent tubes, we have developed our upgrademaxLED. The conversion kit allows simple, fast and uncomplicated replacement of old fluorescent tubes with the OLIGOs latest LED light units. Very important, the original photometric characteristics, the ENEC certification as well as the CE conformity and the dimming function of your installation will remain intact when converting with our upgrademaxLED.

With our solution, existing luminaires are refurbished, resulting in no wasted product. Surface control optics with efficient LED technology consume significantly less power, reduce production costs and so offer a huge advantage over luminaires with obsolete light sources.

It is possible to convert the following OLIGO surface controls products as well as their previous generation:

LPS50 – LensPrismDarkfieldOptic
Article number: L201AE001, L201AE002, L201AE003, L201AE004, L201AE005, L201AE007 etc.

LPS100 – LensPrismDarkfieldOptic
Article number: L201AC001, L201AC002, L201AC003, L201AC004, L201AC005, L201AC007 etc.

WLO – SwitchLineOptic
Article number: L202AC001, L202AC003, L202AC004 etc.

VAO – VarioOptic
Article number: L201AM001, L201AM003, L201AM006, L201AM007, L201AM008 etc.

OCO – OpalControlOptic
Article number: L102AC001, L102AC003 etc.

If you have any questions about the upgrademaxLED, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team. They will be happy to advise and support you.

You can find out more about this product here