Dear business partners,

We would like to draw your attention to the lamp ban announced some time ago in accordance with the “Ecodesign EU 2019/2020” regulation. The regulation has recently been extended in line with the RoHS Directive to restrict mercury or limit hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

From the 25th of August 2023 no new T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes may be placed on the market. This means that from this date on only already existing stock will be sold.

This regulation also impacts our product lines that use T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes, so we will be phasing out surface control model lines that still use fluorescent tubes.

As an alternative to fluorescent tubes, we have developed our upgrademaxLED. The conversion kit allows simple, fast and uncomplicated replacement of old fluorescent tubes with the OLIGOs latest LED light units. Very important, the original photometric characteristics, the ENEC certification as well as the CE conformity and the dimming function of your installation will remain intact when converting with our upgrademaxLED.

Surface control optics with efficient LED technology consume significantly less power, reduce production costs and so offer a huge advantage over luminaires with obsolete light sources.

You are thinking about renewing your current installations?

Here you can find the data sheet for our conversion kit upgrademaxLED.

The phase-out according to the EU regulation affects the following OLIGO surface controls products:

LPS50 – LensPrismDarkfieldOptic
Article number: L201AE001, L201AE002, L201AE003, L201AE004, L201AE005, etc.

LPS100 – LensPrismDarkfieldOptic
Article number: L201AC001, L201AC002, L201AC003, L201AC004, L201AC005, etc.

VAO – VarioOptic
Article number: L201AK001, L201AK002, L201AK003, L201AK004, L201AK005 etc.

WLO – SwitchLineOptic
Article number: L202AC001, L202AC003, L202AC004

MRO – MultiReflexOptic
Article number: L203AC001-14

LLO – LackLusterOptic
Article number: L207AC003-14, L207AC004-14

FLO – FlatLightOptic
Article number: L209AC001, L209AC002

UVO – UVOptic
Article number: L206AC002, L206AC004

CCO – ColorControlOptic
Article number: L205AC001-14, L205AC002-14

ARO – AsymmetricReflexOptic
Article number: L201AC030, L201AC031, L201AC032, L201AC033

OCO – OpalControlOptic
Article number: L102AC001, L102AC003

In the sense of better planning and disposition, we ask you as a precaution to analyze your stocks and to create sufficient stock capacities. We offer you the possibility to stock up on T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes while stocks last.

We ask for your understanding and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

With kind regards

Yours, Team OLIGO surface controls