SCO – Tabeltop booth

SCO tabletop booth for surface inspections

Premium-Quality Table-Cabin for Surface Inspection (SCO)

OLIGO surface controls SCO-table-cabin provides a professional and special workstation for a properly auditing of miscellaneous surface in a restricted area. The flexible and individually alterable light situations provide you with a unique and precise inspection result.

Different sized test parts can be examined in our table-cabin. The parts to be checked are getting put in the right light, so errors can be spotted earlier and spoilt can be studiously avoided.

A high-quality fabricated aluminum frame ensures an enduring, steady stand. The revolving laterals of our table-cabin prevent veiling glare to intrude and grants an impeccable auditing on the highest level of quality. Our table-cabin is universally applicable, compactly built and due to our trained professional staff adjustable to our customers specific needs by anytime.

The OLIGO surface controls OKO-table-cabin has been developed and tested by our specialized engineers according to the highest technical quality standards, to fulfill the demands of all of our customers.

Our SurfaceControlOptics (SCO) can be used for almost every surface. In front of each illuminant is a special lens-prism-pane which helps to create an accurate, dazzle-free parasitic image with dark and light stripes on the to be examined surface to make the error well visible.

You have questions regarding our table-cabins? Our light experts and engineers are happy to advice you with your specific application.



  • 1 x LPS100 puremaxLED®
  • + optional optic


  • HAST2.0 – semiautomatic controller
  • Junction box


  • Aluminium frame
  • Work surface made of plastic


  • Side panels
  • Manual controller

Dimensions in mm (inches)

  • 2310 x 1940 x 1115
    (90.94 x 76.38 x 43.90)

Delivery and assembly

  • The delivery takes place by forwarding agency
  • Delivery and installation by OLIGO surface controls is possible separately