Die neue LEDCCO zur Farbabmusterung / ColorMatching

The LEDCCO is used for color matching of painted surfaces. It can be used to simulate virtually all daylight situations, which enable color various of different components to become visible. The LED color control optic is a color matching lamp according to DIN 6173-2 of grade 1 for light type D65. The color temperature is adjustable between 6.500 and 2.700 K.

It is used in color matching booths, especially in the automotive sector. However, it is also used in color matching light laboratories, color matching tabletop booths and individual workstations.

Options Dimensions
  • With mobile stand
  • As a color matching tabletop booth
    • 860 x 1560 x 148
    • 860 x 1260 x 148
(wxHxD in mm)


(according to the design version)

  • 2 x LED light unit
  • 6.500 K and 2.700 K


  • 2x electronic, digitally-dimmable


  • 1 x frequency-neutral diffuser


  • Steel sheet
  • RAL7035 powder coated

Front glass panel
(lockable door)

  • 4 mm (0.16″) one-panel safety glass accoding to EN 12150
  • In door frame


  • 3 x quick-lock system


  • Cable gland
  • 4 m (157.48″) connection cable

Technical specifications

Permitted ambient temperature
+5°C to +35°C
41°F to 95°F
Rated voltage
220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Degree of protection
Protection class
UGR limit

Quality criteria

  • Lamp DIN 6173-VIS1 (ΔE < 0,3)
  • Photobiological safety (EN 62471): Risk group 0
  • PWIS-free
  • CE label
  • ENEC certification


Datenblatt LEDCCO (PDF)

Data sheet LEDCCO (PDF)