OLIGO surface controls at the Kolb Design Forum

Our demonstration area at the International Design Forum of the company "Kolb Design Technology GmbH & Co. KG" in Deggendorf. The theme of the design forum was "Close the loop", which was attended by many leading representatives of the automotive industry. It was a great forum with a great atmosphere. We are very grateful to [...]


Conversion with upgrademaxLED

You still have an OLIGO surface controls light tunnel with fluorescent tubes in your production halls and would like to upgrade your system to the latest LED technology without replacing the entire light tunnel system? We have exactly the right solution for this. As an alternative to fluorescent tubes, we have developed our upgrademaxLED. The [...]


New Product – LED-MultiReflexOptic

The LED-MultiReflexOptic is a unique surface control optic. With its functionality, the LEDMRO is ideal for surface inspection and at the same time conditionally suitable for color matching. The surface control optic is powered by efficient LED technology, thus consuming little power and protecting the environment. The dimmable LED-MultiReflexOptic with their specially shaped high-gloss reflector [...]


Discontinuation of T5 & T8 fluorescent tubes

Dear business partners, We would like to draw your attention to the lamp ban announced some time ago in accordance with the "Ecodesign EU 2019/2020" regulation. The regulation has recently been extended in line with the RoHS Directive to restrict mercury or limit hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. From the 25th of August [...]


Alpha Remote Access – Remote maintenance via Internet

OLIGO surface controls offers for the first time and as of now a remote maintenance module for the controls of the newest "alpha - generation". Alpha Remote Access, the industrial remote maintenance module, has been especially developed for easy remote maintenance of the ASTalpha, HASTalpha and HAFSTalpha controllers. With the installation of the add-on module [...]


Customer Information – Price Adjustment as of July 1st 2022

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, The last two years have shown each of us once again that almost nothing has permanence. The pandemic and not at least the terrible pictures and news from Ukraine represent situations that probably only a few of us would have thought possible. There has always been turbulence on the global markets. [...]

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